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Thu, Apr 1 2010

Marty K Honors Llew and Jonie Pritchards

Bill Gates, the Benaroyas, KCTS 9, and Overlake Medical Center, join Marty K at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, WA to honor the Pritchards at "St. Mark's Celebrates the Saints".
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Mon, Mar 29 2010

Marty K Partners With Active Ion and Bill Nye

Marty K joins Emmy award-winning Bill Nye "The Science Guy" to educate the community on sustainability through the use of the "Active Ion" cleaning spray.
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Thu, Mar 11 2010

Cleanliness IS Next to Godliness

Psychological Science to publish a study claiming people are unconsciously more ethical when they are in clean-smelling environments.
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Sun, Feb 28 2010

"Green" Is So Yesterday

Grass. It's an outdoor carpet. Perhaps it is time we start thinking outside the blade.
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Custodial, Landscaping, IT, Security, etc.

Maintenance is the Marty Map delivery vehicle. A component of your Marty Map will outline and define the status quo. We then rely on our operational process to maintain those standards. Our maintenance programs are designed for efficiency, effectiveness, and are self perpetuating or sustainable. This translates to high returns and low impact. Your Marty Map may include service areas such as the following:



Custodial should not be mistaken as janitorial or cleaning. It’s more in the sense of a guardian or caretaker. Our custodial service could include one or all of the maintenance areas listed above. The goal of this service is to not only maintain, but prevent by being proactive.


Security and Safety

Security and safety are integral to preventative maintenance. The intent of this service is to mitigate liability and deter wrong doing. Our preference is to prevent the need for our other services by stopping problems before they start. By providing both uniformed and undercover patrol officers, we try to circumvent unfortunate events whether they be vandalism, trespassing, or slip and fall hazards. Should something make it past our wall of preventative measures, our first responders have proven to be decisive and helpful.


Confidential Document Destruction

Confidential document destruction can be a vital part of your Marty Map. In conjunction with uniformed security patrol services, we can help ensure that your trade secrets stay trade secrets and that sensitive material never makes it into the hands of the wrong people. Communication technology is advancing exponentially, increasing the risk and ease of unauthorized dissemination of information. The internet has made it possible to find anything on anyone.  Let’s work together to see that it’s not your information at which the masses are looking.



Your landscape communicates a great deal about the personality of your business. Our landcare program matches personality and desired appearance with your budget and environmental impact. More than 800 million gallons of gas are consumed every year to cut 72,000 square miles of turf grass. That equates to about $2.24 billion spent on fuel for landcare alone in the US. (Read the Article) Clearly, controlling this monster is most prudent. Bad landscaping methods can suffocate fish, contaminate our water, and pollute the air unnecessarily. Our specialty is eliminating the bad practices, expanding the good and reducing impact both on the environment and your budget.



Handyman services can be a real life saver. Often our clients delay on completing simple projects because they are not at the top of their already extensive priority list. Simply pass that to-do list to us and consider it done. We have found that putting off simple-to-fix things generally adversely affects other related areas increasing costs elsewhere: such as a leaky toilet becoming a burden on the janitorial crew.


Turn-key turns

Most properties experience a certain degree of change over time; people move around, tenants move in and out, and new production processes require reconfigurations. The Turn-key turns portion of your Marty Map will provide a plan for a simple, nearly automatic process for managing all that moving around. Tell us when and where and that area will be ready for whatever is on the way. Combined with our handyman and janitorial service, an area can be prepped and reset to accommodate its new purpose.



Janitorial or commercial cleaning is a significant part of the Marty Map. This service area can have a profound impact on the operations of a business in ways both obvious and not so obvious. Studies have shown that people tend to be more generous and honest in a clean building. The benefits of more productive, honest employees is clear. Read More 


Lighting Control

Energy consumption is often the first place we look for savings when performing a carbon footprint analysis. Ensuring that lighting is being used responsibly and only when needed is the first step. An often overlooked area of savings is the time and resources required to maintain your lighting system. If you have a building with 50,000 light bulbs, there’s a good chance that many dozens of them are not operational at any given time and yet still consuming large amounts of energy. Our lighting control service provides a self-managed solution for monitoring outages and replacement of the bulb and/or ballast. A failing ballast or bulb can cause an astronomical increase in energy consumption; many times more than a normally operating unit.



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